Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Stylista, Get's a Second Chance

First off, I am NOT a Stylista. Give me a pair of comfortable jeans (don't care what brand), a t-shirt and a flannel. That makes me happy. Oh, and no shoes!

After the last episode where Danielle get's the boot, I sort of lost interest. She was all right, but the show in general was really all about how much can the rest of the cast bash Kate before she breaks. And, of course, my fashion knowledge is better than your fashion knowledge.

But I have been enjoying this show for the most part. Of course, it has taken me almost 5 episodes to tell Kate and Megan apart. Why is that? And now here we are at episode 7 and I have to say it, I like Kate and Megan can go back to her boutique and die of ennui for all I care.

And who doesn't like an show that has a dog pee in a hotel room after snarffing up a lasagna or two. And really, chocolate where the dogs could get it? Why not just leave out some rat poison and be done with it. But all that aside, Stylista is back on my record list.

The Devil might wear Prada, but DyShaun wears a ratty little knit cap on his head and thinks he is god's gift to the fashion world. And why does he keep picking on Kate? Johanna has as much fashion experience, she's a military analyst for heaven's sake! But if nothing else came out of this episode, Ashlie is a real star.

I just loved how the two bonded (Katye & Ashlie), now that there wasn't someone else in the mix. Maybe that was all they ever needed. A chance for just the two of them to work together. It ended their animosity and I think raised their respect for the other person. And I have to say I loved it when Kate told Anne what a wicked tramp DyShaun is. He might have some problems with her cleavage, but let's be honest here. His mouth would cause a lawsuit faster than speeding bullet.

I hope Kate's farewell is prophetic and that Ashlie wins it all. But either way, I don't see myself purchasing a copy of Elle anytime soon, or signing up for Season 2.

Need more Stylista?

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