Thursday, December 11, 2008

"Life" is Hard for Ted

Episode 2011, Canyon Flowers

Ted, here is my lament to you old buddy.

Poor Ted. I mean, don't you just love him? He walks through Life bewildered, trying to find his way. In Season One he did little more than play with whores and pal around with Charlie. Sure, he manages all the money Charlie won against his wrongful imprisonment case, but still what kind of life is it?  Now in Season Two he's branching out on his own, teaching a college course. Of course, poor Ted is deeply in love with his best-friend's father's soon to be wife, Olivia.

Like I said. Things are never easy for Ted. But they get worse. Much worse.

We all know that Ted could never survive another stint in prison. You have to wonder how he and Charlie hooked up in the first place (no sex here, you freaks!). But you can imagine Ted getting the crap beaten out of him just because and Charlie putting an end to it, just because. Gosh, Cruise must have been busy in prison....

And now that SOB FBI agent has found a way to hit Charlie where it hurts: Ted. His one big soft spot. What really blows, aside from the blow on the back seat and the gun, sitting oh so pretty next to it, is what any time in custody will do to Ted. Didn't something like this happen last season as well?

Oh, and for any of you who might be interested, I am pretty sure my husband Tim was beyond annoyed with me by the time Life was over. Who can blame him? I kept yelling at the TV, "What about Ted?"

So, what about Ted? And thank the gods this wasn't the Season Finale or I'd be yelling "What about Ted?" for months!

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